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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you perform surgeries?

Elective surgeries are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week, unless it is a holiday. Emergency surgeries are done every day of the week.

My animal is having surgery tomorrow. Can it have food and water?

It is best that your pet not have anything to eat after 10pm the night before surgery and nothing to eat the morning of surgery. Your pet can have a small amount of water the morning of surgery.

When can I pick-up my pet following their surgery?

We keep any pet that was spayed or neutered overnight to allow for optimal healing and rest. All other procedures vary case-by-case.

How old does my pet need to be before getting spayed or neutered?

We prefer that patients be 6 months of age to have this procedure done.

Do you board pets at your facility?

Yes! We have separate boarding for cats and dogs! The PAWliday Inn for our canine companions and the CATurday Suites for our feline friends. Your pets can vacation with us while you are away. Just call for your reservations!

What types of animals do you see at your hospital?

We see cats and dogs.

What is "Cat Friendly?"

"Cat Friendly" is a program we follow in order to help reduce the stress on the cats we see in order to make visits at our hospital easier on both the cat and the client.

How often should my pet be vaccinated?

Generally speaking, cats and dogs should be vaccinated once yearly for common bacterial and viral diseases. Legally, they need to be vaccinated for Rabies by a licensed veterinarian once per year. There are other core vaccines in which are needed once yearly for both canine and feline pets. Bordetella vaccine (for Canine Kennel Cough) is recommended to be administered every 6 months.

Should my dog be on heartworm preventative?

Yes. Heartworm disease is very common in Arkansas, especially here at the Mississippi Delta region. Heartworms do exactly as they imply -- they are a parasite that resides in the heart. They act as a physical obstruction that compromises not only blood flow itself, but the heart muscles. A pet with Heartworm Disease left untreated and not on a preventative can result in Right-Sided Heart Failure. Heartworm treatment can also be very costly due to the necessary injectable medication used for treatment. Heartworm Disease is much easier and healthier to prevent than to treat; ask Dr. Sullivan today about a good option for your pets!

Do I need an appointment to see the veterinarian?

We do recommend making an appointment to reduce any wait time, but we welcome walk-ins.

What payment forms do you accept and do I need to pay in full?

We accept debit/credit cards, cash, and CareCredit. Payment in full is due at time of service.